A Felon Turned Revolutionary is Amerikkka’s Worst Nightmare.

Gabriel Prosser
5 min readMar 6
Malcolm Little before the “Revolutionary” Malcolm X

I can remember like it was yesterday, even though now it was over twenty years ago. It was a time that my family had went to Virginia Beach to enjoy the weather, I had to be about eleven years old, and we were unloading the car to start to walk to the beach and out of nowhere a white jeep filled with white boys sped past us and yelled as they cowardly drove by and yelled NIGGER.

Black young and now angry my uncle must have seen the look on my face as he tried to calm me down, needless to say that had ruined my day I could not stop hearing and seeing them hunkies riding by and yelling NIGGER it had my blood boiling. It seemed to not bother my family at all as they enjoyed the day at the beach as if nothing had happened.

From that day I swore to myself that I would be respected no matter what, and I would not let a white person call me nigger without getting their ass beat.

Growing up poor as I was, and living in the projects was not an easy task and any Black person that tells you different has no clue to the subject at hand. It was hard because every day you had to survive, whether that was asking the neighbor next door to borrow some food until the stamps came or to plug an extension cord up to make it through the night. Survival of the fittest was a motto to those that grew up in the early 80’s and from an early age I learned who the real enemies were, and no matter how much Jewish owned productions companies portrayed Black people as the robbers and criminal misfits. I knew better because in our neighborhoods it was always the pigs that were the ones that were terrorizing our communities and destroying families and lives forever.

I can remember vividly as a young black child running wild going to Blackwell Elementary School and the pigs coming into the schools for the dare program.

After leaving school most of the kids in school would laugh and we would take that shit as a joke, for one all of the commercials were white people and the positive role models that were in our neighborhoods that we had seen as successful were the drug dealers. To little Black children such as myself these were what we looked up to and wanted to be like, this was much more realistic to become successful than to wish on a dream like to be in the NBA or the NFL becoming a drug dealer was realistic and something that was in reach.

As I grew older and the more that I experienced life it became clear to me that this country was intent on keeping us in a slave minded state, and submissive to the oppressive powers that be.

Trial and error were the training grounds for my entry into Manhood, saying that I mean that I had to experience life firsthand there was no such thing as the internet for me to give me and others a false sense of knowledge, in my days we faced it head on.

As many of our true Revolutionaries the streets are where I got most of my life lessons, then jail and prison time is what molded me into the Revolutionary that I am today.

This fact what makes me and anyone else that has this mentality a threat to this country and the systems within it.

These places are known to make or break a man but also as Malcolm X said they can also be used as a university and a place to transform a man to be a weapon against the same system that put him there.

This same man can be the one that unifies his people to go against the system to make themselves free as a people.

As I say often in my works, such as my podcast and other writings. I say that being a Felon is a gift and a curse because it has forced me to see this country for the racist piece of shit system that the country of Amerikkka truly is. Now upon accepting this fact I began to educate myself thoroughly on those true Gangsta Ancestors of ours that had the government of this country scared shitless, that’s right the government of this country were shitting in their pants and shaking in their boots, as they started to see Black Men and Women, children all learning the truth of who they and this system are and preparing themselves and other Blacks to defend themselves from the brutality from the fascist pigs and the government that allowed them to continue to do this.

As the title suggest and states clearly A Felon turned Revolutionary is Amerikkka’s worst nightmare because he is forced to do something with his time as he realizes more and more the reasons that he is here and the consequences of why he is there he either starts to see who his true enemy is and wants to get back at them or he accepts this position in life and wants to stay stagnant in life.

Yet there is a new breed of Revolutionaries that are not afraid of no damn pigs and their “nigger knockers” as they so vehemently called them. Nothing in their actions have changed to make us the Black people think or see that they are treating us or thinking of us any different today than they were trained to do less than 60 years ago.

In this country tis of thee Amerikkka and their systems have continuously made clear that they are the sworn enemies to the Black citizens in this country. More and more young Black men and women who have unfortunately been down the road of jails and prisons are coming home and are ready for Revolution, again there is a new breed of Revolutionaries.

Gabriel Prosser

I am here to keep the foot 🦶🏿on the neck of the oppressors when it comes to issues that are relevant to the Black Community.