Adopting Amerikkka’s Symbolism while furthering their white supremicist agendas.

How the Blind follow the blind. Most of our people follow ignorance with bliss and have no knowledge of what they are following, and in most cases have no interest to even research and find out for their own benefit.

On January 1st of 1863 lincoln signed the emacipation proclamation into effect, but also compensated the slave owners 300$ for each slave that they released. So in a way you can say that the slave owners recieved Reparations because they were compensated for what they beleived to be there property. Yet we are taught that this is a great day for us to celebrate, and to teach our children.

How soon we forget the significance of His-Story and what they continue to show and tell us about this white race and their true feeling towards us.

For example The Amerikkkan Revolution was fought from 1775 until 1783 an 8 year battle that the 13 colonies fought against british rule to win their independence from their oppressors. Only 70 yrs did it take for the so-called Proclamation to come into existence and that was as we know in 1863 the white supremacy structures that are in this country quickly established the kkk on December 24th of 1865. This terrorist group has been terrorizing the Black community in this country since then.

Now in 2021 jim crow joe signs a juneteenth bill that again allows those that oppress Blacks to further capitilize off their pain and make money. Not one bill has been signed into effect that has done anything of substantial value for the Black Race as a whole in this country. NEVER! We are constantly adopting their symbols to represent us and our cause while unknowingly further promoting white supremacy by not totaly being independent of their assistance when it comes to us doing for ourselves as a Race.

The juneteenth flag and the founder Ben Haith of the National Juneteenh Observance Foundation which is in Norwich Connecticut that has a total Black population of 4,218 says alot about this organization and its members. Now this symbol is being used to represent Reparations is again foolish to say the least. We have become content with being followers of the most ignorant and destructive trends to our people, our selves, and our Families.

The Black Nationalis mentality and agenda is important to the Black Race if we ever want to acheive true freedom and liberation as a people. In order for us to achieve this we can not become content with a forced day that we have been celebrating without their permission to now be satisfied with so-called freedom day as a Hollow-Day when it is obvious that we are not free and have never been free from this system of oppression under any of these administrations that have been running this country and its laws since the inception of this country.



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Gabriel Prosser

I am here to keep the foot 🦶🏿on the neck of the oppressors when it comes to issues that are relevant to the Black Community.