Gabriel Prosser
5 min readFeb 2

Every rap song that we hear is supposedly gangsta rap and the rappers are supposedly gangsta as well because they have sold drugs and are admitting that they have and will kill their own people. This is looked at as gangsta in this country and is idolized and admired. Such ignorance is detrimental to our communities and a sure-fire way that we are allowing white supremacist to control us and murder us as they do.

As the title suggest and ask’s the question: Are Black men afraid to fight back against police brutality? This is a question that needs to be addressed as well as discussed. The urgency of this matter is loud and clear as we can see not a day goes by in this country without someone Black being murdered by the police. Yet while this system is constantly being violent and murdering us in the street, the establishment has the audacity to ask for the Black communities and the Families to remain peaceful.

This ask is a disrespect to the Black citizens in this country because as we can clearly see we have no one in the systems of government that is doing anything that is stopping the violence that we are receiving in this country on a daily basis. Those of our great ancestors that were assassinated by the government because of the influence they had on their people when it came to fighting the constant police brutality in this country, also fighting oppressive biased laws and the racist government. Such as Malcolm X he would not have stood for this, and he would not be standing up in front of his people preaching to remain peaceful when the arm of the law murdered their family for something as simple as a traffic stop and they were unarmed.

Malcolm X would not be telling us to remain peaceful and to trust in the same system that continues to allow this to happen. Yet we have these weak-kneed pussy-footing negroes that are in these press conferences after another Black person has been murdered by another cop in the machine of racism, which is the police, and telling us to remain calm and to pray that we receive justice.

No, my brothers and sisters, and Again I say No, Malcolm X and other Revolutionaries of those times would not have stood for this and been in the press conferences pleading for us to remain peaceful while holding hands and singing old slave minded songs.

Instead, they would be with us in the streets as we take justice into our own hands. They would be ready to die in the streets with us, and as we know some of our ancestors did for the same things that we are still fighting for today.

The new trend is to record the brutality of our own kind as they are being beaten by the police, instead of us jumping in and saving our family, or we are scared to fight back against the police when we know that they are in the wrong when it comes to them disrespecting us and our families and physically assaulting us for no reason. I will never understand the fear that we have when it comes to fighting back for our lives when we can see daily that we are in a war here in this country with those that are sworn to protect and serve.

Less than 50 years ago the Black men that were fighting this system were of a different cloth. They were not afraid to die on their feet Instead of continuing to live on their knees and submit to a racist system.

It seems now that we are more afraid to fight those in blue that are harming us for no other reason than the fact that we are Black, but we will rap about killing and fighting our own kind for something as stupid as someone making a mistake and stepping on a pair of J’s. We are taking the anger that we have against the system and expressing that by killing and being disrespectful to our own kind.

This is backwards thinking. What has happened to us standing up to anyone that is trying to cause harm to us or our families regardless of who they are or what positions they hold in life? Why are we so submissive to a system that will never be gentle or submissive with us?

Gone are the days where we are proudly adopting those qualities of self defense against those that are trying do us bodily harm no matter who they are. We have been trained to attack our own kind without a second thought about our lives, while at the same time we are thinking too much when its time to defend our selves against the white people and systems that are intent on doing us harm.

Psychological Trauma is to blame for the unwillingness of majority of Black citizens in this country to defend themselves against the racist attacks from police and white supremacist in general.

Time and time again we the Black citizens in this country are expected to accept the tired apologies from the overweight donut eating police chiefs and lying governors and mayors of the cities and states as they beg and plead for the Black community not to burn down the property that they value much more than they do Black lives.

As Malcolm X said it best and I quote:

“The government has failed us, you can’t deny that anytime we are living in the 20th century 1964 and you walking round here singing we shall overcome, the government has failed you. This is part of what’s wrong with you, you do too much singing, today it’s time to stop singing and start swinging, you can’t sing up on freedom but you can swing up on some freedom.”

This is the mentality of a Black Nationalist. This is the mentality that we need to adopt and spread to our youth. Or else we can see the direction that we are sending them down, and that is the road to self-destruction. A Black Nationalist Mentality is pertinent to the upliftment of the mentality of the Black Citizens in this country in order for them to not only defend themselves against harm and police brutality which is the issue at hand, but also to become free and independent as a people from a oppressive and abusive system that never wants to see us as their equals.

Gabriel Prosser

I am here to keep the foot 🦶🏿on the neck of the oppressors when it comes to issues that are relevant to the Black Community.