Gabriel Prosser
2 min readAug 31, 2023
A Community of Likeminded individuals

Relying on a system that allows your ruin by allowing those of the law to do it, is a diseased thinking.

No other race does this except us!

We are the only race of people that are steadily forgiving and forgetting of a people that are constantly doing us harm.

The Jewish people were not begging the Nazis to integrate with them, nor are they teaching their children to forgive and forget what has happened to them.

Indians are not begging and accepting of integration as the solve all of their problems, they know who their enemies are as their children do as well.

Again, we are the only race of people that are stuck in this mentality of “Turn the other cheek” and teaching our children to forgive and forget what white people have and continues to do to us on a daily basis.

No other intelligent race of people on earth are preaching and begging their own people to forgive their enemies… Yet we the Black citizens of this country have more than enough of our own people begging and pleading for us to be content with the way things are.

Begging and pleading for their own people to forgive and forget the fact that police have just murdered their family, and pleading with them to not express anger that is deserved.

A person or a preacher that is asking their own people to forgive an obvious enemy that, has no remorse for the crimes that they continually commit.

This is why I stared a community called BLACK meaning Blacks. Livid. Against. Cop. Killings, I urge all of my readers to join as this is an important topic as well as a community dedicated to solving this issue and preparing plans to implement action.



Gabriel Prosser

I am here to keep the foot 🦶🏿on the neck of the oppressors when it comes to issues that are relevant to the Black Community.