Black Supremacy destroying White inferiority.

Gabriel Prosser
4 min readJun 23, 2022

On January 1, 1863, the Emancipation Proclamation went into effect because of Racist Lincoln. During this time old Abe Lincoln didn’t hesitate to compensate the slave owner's 300$ for each slave that they released. The Historians have mostly tried to uphold this man as the one that paved the way for freedom for the Black People in this country. When in reality the truth of the matter is that old Abe owned slaves himself. He was married to Mary Todd whose family was one of the biggest slave owners in Kentucky at that time. It doesn't take an IQ of a genius to put two and two together.

Lincoln’s slave owning wife Mary Todd
Racist Abe Lincoln

Lincoln Compensated Slave Owners

“Abe Knew that the Emancipation Proclamation was to become official legislation in only thirty days, so he proposed an alternate solution to the problem through a Constitutional agreement consisting of three parts. The first provided that any state that abolished slavery before January 1, 1900, would “receive compensation from the United States.” The details of the slave buy-out was not specified, but payment would be delivered to the agreeing states in the form of government funds”

The Confederate south was in an uproar when they learned of this, and even though the Hypocritical government of this country had paid off the slave owners to release slaves. Those racist ass johnny apple seeds were not going to settle for this, and they had other plans to continue to hold the Black Race under the foot of white inferiority. Such as the kkk being started 2 years after the so-called Proclamation.

This country was founded on white supremacy when it was established in 1776 when they had a Violent Revolution against the British to form the Americas. Ever since then this country has been ruling under the guise of white supremacy which has steadily declined and has now become white inferiority. The constant attacks from the white supremacist systems against the Black race speaks volumes to those that are paying attention, but for those that allow themselves to continually be lulled to sleep will see nothing wrong with this system. In fact, they will in most cases do everything that they can to uphold the systems of white supremacy.

Black Supremacy should be embraced just as white supremacy has in this country. The supremacy of the Black Race can be traced all the way back to B.C. We have been the originators of this world in all forms. From the Sciences, Mathematics, Astrology and even the Nautical science of exploration. Herodotus in his book entitled The Histories goes on about how civilized the Africans were compared to the pale skin Greeks (Caucasians).

The history of Black Supremacy in this country has been swept under the rug and white inferiority has been forced on the masses. The Black Culture has been stolen and sold to us as their original creations. The fact that the white race steals everything from us and can’t come up with their own says it all. If they were so supreme why are and have, they been stealing from us instead of creating their own, White inferiority is evident in this country and Black Supremacy is on the rise. There are some of the Black Race that accepts this reality as it is, and we are not going to continue to believe and put faith in a system that has no intentions on doing the same for us the Black Race.

Black Supremacy is not the idea of looking down on anyone in anyway, but the acceptance of our Greatness as a race and the knowledge of our history and what was stolen from us. Black Supremacy is the upliftment of our families and the protection of them as well from all threats. Black Supremacy is the realization that we as the Black Race should adopt Black Nationalist ideas and agendas so that we can form our own nation independent of the laws and systems of white supremacy ran by white inferiors that are intent on using this system of white supremacy to hold the Black Race down.

Black Supremacy is destroying white inferiority majority of the Black Race has now woken up to the harsh reality and are accepting the ugly truth and starting to link up with other Revolutionary individuals to defeat the systems of white supremacy, and white inferiority.



Gabriel Prosser

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