#Boycott Google! Google made a game about Slaves, would it be ok if they made a game about gassing Jews in the Holocaust? 🤔

Gabriel Prosser
4 min readMay 27, 2023
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How is it that in the year of 2023 we the Black Citizens in this country are steadily taking and receiving the most shit from this government and the systems of this county.

With everything that we have been going through in this country from the constant police murders as well as the biased laws in this country that gives Blacks excessive time for the same crimes that whites have committed. We as a People have not gained any momentum in the freedom and liberation of our people.

The question is where are the Revolutionaries of our generation? I mean we have all these so-called stars and athletes that are constantly ignoring our plight as those Black citizens that are considered the lower caste race.

We have no Paul Robeson's that are using their platforms to attack a system and government that is steadily attacking and killing their own people.

To these Jew owned Blacks this our Black Lives are not something that matters to them, as they must keep the elite that pay them happy and satisfied by being a “Good Nigga” and ignoring the facts that this country is intent on destroying our people.

With the news of Google Play Store allowing a game about Slaves that allows a Player to buy, punish Slaves as if they are the Masters of a Plantation is Blatant to say the least. Another thing that rings the alarm is the fact that Black lives in this country never mattered and our lives are taking lightly as if we are nonentities in this country. Also, the fact that most of our people here have not even heard about this issue, and that’s because Black Lives Never Mattered in this country.

Googles Slave Game story

If Google had made a game about the Holocaust where people could exterminate Jews By gas and Execution style shootings every news channel in this country would be flooded with complaints and law suits against Google, Every Black person in this country would have heard about this game Google made that disrespected the Jews, we would not get any sleep without his being played and stressed over and over again until they had eventually owned or took over Google themselves.

Yet we the Black Citizens in this country are comfortably distracted into what is going on that's threating our lives and freedoms in this country every day, and this is done on purpose so that we the Black citizens can and will not unite in a common effort against our common enemy, which is and always has been the U.S. Government. respect

The audacity for Google to even allow a game of such a nature cannot be excused or forgiven. Especially from those of us that are Black. We need to Boycott Goggle and make a serious effort at demanding respect. If not, we can see how this is going to continue and get worse.

Now it may be a game for sick people’s enjoyment but how long before someone wants to try and play this game in real life where we are the victims. The fact stands that no one would allow a game that depicts the torture and abuses of Jews, nor Indians, or Japanese because the government of this country has made atonements with these races in the form of cash payments better known as Reparations which we the Black Citizens of this country have not received yet.

This is a matter that can and will not be ignored this is the reason that we must unite as a people and Boycott Google to show that we are not to be fucked with just as they know better to make any other game that disrespects a race we the Black citizens in this country should demand that same respect from not just Google but from the government of this country and its systems that steadily allows these types of issues to happen without punishment or repercussions.

It seems that we the Black citizens of this country are not taken seriously unless we are on Tel-Lie-Vision, or the Radio promoting ignorance to our people daily. These are the only Black people that have any relevance or are paid attention to or listened to. Yet none of these that so many of our kind support financially is even speaking up on this issue or the steady attacks on Black by the police.

So, it is left up to us the grassroots to organize and come together and Boycott Google for their audacity that our lives or those lives of our ancestors are to be taken lightly or as a joke.

Truth be told if it weren’t for our ancestor’s blood, sweat, and tears there would be Amerikkka as we know it now. Our ancestors have built the foundation for this country on their very back for us to have the few freedoms that we have as Black people Globally.

To allow Google or any other tech giant to degrade or make entertainment off our ancestors and our pain as Black people for their financial gain, would only be allowing others companies to attempt to do the same thing or even worse because we the Black people in this country did not do anything to let it be known that we are serious about the issue of not only Boycotting Google, but making a stance that we demand respect from all systems and the government of this country, and globally.

Below I have attached a Petition to #Boycott Google to get the Ball rolling and let them know that we are serious as a people.



Gabriel Prosser

I am here to keep the foot 🦶🏿on the neck of the oppressors when it comes to issues that are relevant to the Black Community.