Brittney Griner Home only proves That some Blacks are more important than others.

Gabriel Prosser
4 min readMay 6, 2023
Brittney Griner Coming home from Russia.

The incarceration of Brittney Griner in Russia and the media coverage behind it was one for his-story to use as a political move to continue to pull the wool over the eyes of the so many unsuspecting Black people in this country that are not paying attention to those people that they vote in the offices, as they continue to deceive Black people continuously.

Paul Whelan U.S Marine

Another prime example of the betrayal of not only the Black People in this country but the country as a whole, is the fact that this man who served his country. Something that rarely any President has done and that is serve in the Military. This man has been locked up in Russia for over four years and this country and the so-called leaders of the free world have done nothing to free this man, all they have done is ignore him. They have lied to the family have had their hopes up all for a false reality of them bringing him back home as they have done for Brittney Griner.

This is a political ploy of the government and the “politricks” that they play. There are thousands if not more Black brothers and sisters that are locked up still in prison because of the same crime that they have released Brittney Griner for in this country and the government conveniently ignores them as they remain in prison.

There is an intentional agenda that is going on in this country that is intent on keeping the public from seeing the tragedies that are coming towards the Black citizens in this country on a daily basis, and furthermore there is a separate agenda that is also intent on distracting the Black people in this country from focusing on what is happening to them.

The Hierarchy has continued to distract us the Black people in this country with the most foolish and ignorant forms of so-called entertainment.

If this is not the case then how can we explain the fact that they have brainwashed masses of the Black people to celebrate a celebrity figure that has come home for the same crime that most of our families or at least someone that is close to us is still locked up in this country for the same crime that this administration has bend over backwards and jumped through loops to attain their freedoms, while so many of ours are still locked up here.

Biden speaking on release on BG.

How can this administration explain this other than saying clearly that our families here are not that important politically. The truth is in front of our eyes all we have to do is see it for what it is. It is more than obvious that this system will do nothing in their power to stop the abuses that the Black citizens of this country have been dealing with since the inception of this country in 1776.

Emmett Till Antilynching Act passed 67yrs after the Lynching of Emmett Till

Bobby Rush is the one who sponsored the Bill to get it passed. Again, the video below is to show how times can change a person that was going against the system and how they treated the Black people of this country and now he has become part of the problem.

Black Panther Fred Hampton Shot & Killed-1969 — YouTube

This bill was sponsored by Bobby Rush the same Bobby Rush that was so against the system and the pigs killing unarmed Black Men which was the whole reason the Black Panthers was started in the first place.

Now we are trained to ignore these facts as if they are unimportant. We need to get back on track when it comes to what is really important in our lives as the Black citizens of this country.

As long as we continue to allow these grifters that are not even Black but are now considered “People of Color” as they are now able to leach and infiltrate our movements as well as benefit off them.

This makes it easier for them to hijack and totally misguide the direction that was intended as we have seen with the hypocrisy of the Black Lives Matter movements.

Allowing ourselves to get distracted by a superstar Athlete that this country loves because of the celebrity status should not have us forgetting about those of our families that are here in this country going through vile and unsanitary conditions in Amerikkkan jails, and prisons for the same crime that #Jimcrowjoe made such a big fuss about to get her home to her “Wife” , now why isn’t he doing the same for those that are held in confinement here.

The answer should be clear as the title suggest that some Blacks in this country are more important than others.



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