Are we awake or are we sleep that is the question to be asked. Are we the citizens especially my Black Family paying attention to what is going on right in front of our eyes. Or are we constantly being lulled to sleep by those handpicked frauds that we idolize so much as they conjole us into taking the shot.

The news and the media will not tell us the truth about anything major that is going on that will affect our lives in the most drastic, and deadly ways. Instead the news in this country that i love to call HYPOCRERICA(Which is the title of my book) will show us the most ignorant shit to distract us from what is really going on.

They will not report the truth about the deaths from the vaccine to the public. Why is That you ask? I will be more than glad to tell you, this is a part of a plan to decrease the world population especially those of the Mighty Black Race.

This has been going on in this country since we the Black Race have been stolen and brought here against our own will. Margaret Sanger Founder of the Biggest company that forces birth control on Black Women Planned Parenthood specifically stated and i Quote” The most successful educational to the Negro through a religous appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro Population”

So it should come as no su[prise, nor should it be hard to believe unless you are of the willfully ignorant. This country is now forcing, yes thats right Forcing the vaccine onto the public in an attempt to control the world population, again especially the Black Population.

This is no coincidence and the facts are showing that this is a rushed vaccine with numerous side effects and also deaths.

As they love to say Numbers don’t lie so this is the Knowledge that we can use to empower ourselves against this country and its systems of Hypocrisy. Dont be fooled into believing what you see and hear on the TEL-LIE-VISION the only people that they are forcing to get this vaccine is the public citizens. The vaccne is pushed and promoted heavily and daily in the Black Neighborhoods, sadly again we are being the test subjects of something that we don’t know anything about or really understand. Yet we are being forced into it, and if not we may lose our jobs, or our children may not be able to go back to school.

I will never understand the Hypocrisy of this country and how they can force the vaccine and even give it away free to millions of americans daily, yet millions of americans are not given free health care to take care of themselves if something goes wrong. We need to educate ourselves and our families into what we are all up against and that is Big Govt trying to control every aspect of our lives… even up to how long we live and those who are allowed to live.

I know that it may be hard to believe or even sound like im daydreaming, but his is the real reality that i and you are living in. Not the handpicked reality shows that they have for you to be lost and caught up in and forget about your own reality. The time is now for us to pay attention to signs and to start to think. Why are they pushing this Vaccine so hard and more than that why are the journalist and the so-called media not reporting the facts that i have just presented here….. SUMN TO THINK ABOUT🤔🤔🔥🌲💨💨💨💨

Gabriel Prosser



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Gabriel Prosser

Gabriel Prosser


I am here to keep the foot 🦶🏿on the neck of the oppressors when it comes to issues that are relevant to the Black Community.