If it was 8 Black pigs that shot a white person over 60 times, would they be on paid leave? 🤔🤔

Gabriel Prosser
5 min readJul 12, 2022
Black people murdered by 🐖,s

Imagine for a second if these were 8 Black pigs that had murdered a 24-year-old white boy. Would those same 8 Black pigs be on paid leave while they so-call investigate the case?

Are we the Black race in this country living in a civil war where this country allows these white terrorists that hide behind blue to continue to murder us in the street?

These are the questions that we need to ask ourselves as the Black race in this country. The facts are that if these were 8 Black pigs that had murdered a white boy and shot him over 60 times while he was posing no threat to them they would already be standing trail. The white people in this country would not have allowed this and needless to say that they would not have been peacefully protesting in the street.

We have so many examples of the continued violence against unarmed Black people in this country by those that are sworn in to protect and serve those that are steadily terrorizing, and then getting off with paid leave or a slap on the wrist.

The villain which is the government of this country has not done anything that would deter them from the constant murders of Black people. They are literally getting away with murder and then getting paid while this foogazey legal system in this country attempts to pacify us with a trail with biased Judges, and Lawyers that are intent on keeping this system of white supremacy in this country afloat by all means possible and with every deceptive tactic that they can muster.

The white minority in this country would not continue to be a peaceful race if they were dealing with the reality that we the Black race in this country are dealing with, and that is our Black family being murdered and shot down in the street for something as minor as a traffic violation. The question is why are we the Black race the ones that are constantly told to remain peaceful when those white supremacist pigs are not being peaceful with us?

We have seen the two different sides of justice that is very prevalent in this country. If we just think back to the Jan. 6 insurrection when all those racist Hatfield’s and McCoy’s stormed the capital and that was because they did not want #Jimcrowjoe to become the president of this country. So with these facts we can all imagine the how they would react if the shoe was on the other foot, and it was Black pigs that were constantly murdering white people for something as simple as a traffic violation.

There is definitely an undercover agenda in this country that allows these racist white supremacist pigs to continue to murder us the Black people in this country. It should be obvious by now that nothing in this country will ever change unless we the Black race in this country do it for ourselves. We can no longer rely on a system that has not done anything concrete to stop the violence that is coming from these pigs towards the Black race.

There can be no forgiveness to the government from the Black race in this country. We can no longer depend on those that are allowing this to happen. The time is now for us to depend on ourselves to get us out of this position that we are in.

Voting for the same system of oppression that has allowed this without a hiccup in its operation would be insanity for the Black race in particular. We are the only race in this country that are steadily being murdered by the pigs on a consistent basis. We are the ones that are recorded being murdered by those that say they are to protect and serve.

No other race can say that they can feel our pain because they are not seeing White, Asian, or Indian children or adults being shot down or choked out on camera for the world to see. We the Black race are the only ones that are consistently asked to remain peaceful with a system that is and never will be peaceful with us.

This country would be in an uproar if this were Black pigs that were constantly getting off for the murder of any race in this country. The White, Asian, and Indian communities would not stand for this, nor would they remain peaceful protesters in the street.

Every race that comes to this country is willingly indoctrinated with white supremacist theories. As they come here with certain tax-free benefits from the same government that has done nothing for the Back race, and we are the ones that deserve it the most.

The fact of the matter is that if this country had seen as many Black pigs killing white people or any other race of people that are not Black this country would not hesitate to make and enforce change so that this would not happen again. Yet they allow the White pigs to continue to run amuck on the Black race in this country and the only thing that we can do is peacefully protest and remain peaceful. They are trying to make us desensitized to the murders of our kind so that we can continue to go on with our lives as if nothing has happened.

We the Black race in this country cannot allow this to continue to happen. We need to seriously consider defending ourselves against all forms of aggression in this country that is coming from the white supremacist systems in this country. We can rest assured that this system of government will not do anything of a substantial nature that will benefit the Black race in this country as a whole. It is now time for us to pick up the torch that was laid down by our gangsta ancestors and continue upon those blueprints, and legacies so that we can finally achieve freedom and liberation from our oppressors in this country.



Gabriel Prosser

I am here to keep the foot 🦶🏿on the neck of the oppressors when it comes to issues that are relevant to the Black Community.