Justifiable Homicide a familiar term used too often to describe murders of Black people.

Pig ready to unrelease thumb brake on holster to murder another unarmed Black person.

The conning esoteric language of the white supremacists continues to make light of their wrongdoing. They are the chief deceivers of this nation.

For far too long the murders of black people by this system of white supremacy has allowed the fascist pigs and other areas of law to run amuck and murder Black people with no real repercussions, or real change to deter this from happening.

The white supremacist and their weaponized media use the term Justifiable Homicide to excuse the murders of Black people in this country repetitiously, as if this is something that will just go away with time.

We the Black People in this country cannot continue to forgive and forget the wrongs of a government, and system that has no plans to ever get it right. There has to be something that will stop the civil war that is covered up by the media as they call the war and murders of Black people justifiable homicides.

Those in blue that are sworn to protect and serve are the real terrorist in this country, but we are told to look the other way, why they are doing it and even further told not to believe what our own eyes have just seen.

There are numerous examples pigs that have murdered Black people in this country and have been let off the hook because of a system that sees them killing unarmed Black people in this country as Justifiable.

Since the year 2020 there has been an increase in murders of Black people by those that are sworn to protect and serve. In the year of 2021 there was over 200 Black people that were murdered by the pigs alone.

Full List of Black People Killed By Police in 2021 (newsweek.com)

Another alarming fact that continues to go unnoticed is that majority of these murders are not being reported according to Lancet the National Vital Statistics System (NVSS) has incidents from 1980–2019 about police related murders of civilians that have went unreported. Numerous sources have reported that there are reports of them not totally revealing the truth to the public in an accurate trustworthy manner.

Fatal police violence by race and state in the USA, 1980–2019: a network meta-regression — The Lancet

The fact of the matter is that nothing has improved in the way the racist police systems in this country reacts towards Black People in this country no matter the position that you may hold in life.

Must I remind us that this term “Justifiable” Homicide has been used repeatedly by those in the media to make light of the deaths of the Black people that police have murdered in cold blood.

Pigs smiling after they assassinated Chairman Fred Hampton.

The murders of our brethren such as Fred Hampton and Mark Clark were ruled as “Justifiable Homicides” even though none of the Panthers that were in the apartment fired one shot in self-defense.

Fred Hampton at a rally in Grant Park September 1969

Mark Clark was the first to get shot as he sat up on night guard he died instantly, then as the Chairman of the Illinois Black Panther Party lay asleep drugged by an FBI informant named William O’Neal. Fred Hampton he was shot dead in his sleep. There are even facts that these same officers said after they shot him that he was good and dead now, bragging on the fact they would get away with the murder of our family.

Wiiliam O’Neal FBI Informant
Chicago Tribune December 29, 1969

Time and time again we the Black people of this country are expected to just forgive and forget a system that is intent on murdering Black people and getting away with it.

By coming up with terms and excuses that legitimizes those in positions of power to repeatedly murder Black people and escape the consequences for their actions, this system is actually in compliance with them as they are allowing this to happen and has been for too long with no real change in the actions of those in blue towards those of the Black community.

The repeated broken record techniques of the cliché statements of the overweight donut eating police chiefs are thoroughly studied and rehearsed.

We have some of the greatest examples of those in blue that are caught in red tape and how they’ve been allowed to slither out of trouble just like the snakes in the grass that they are.

The term ‘Justifiable Homicide” is never used or referred to when the deaths of white people are involved with the law. They and their families are considered Humans and with decency, Flags are lowered in some states for their families to mourn.

Black people we have never received that same treatment, unless we are a public figure in the entertainment or sport industries. We are the first to be perceived as guilty, as well as the first to be shot under sketchy assumptions by those that are sworn to protect and serve that say they felt that their lives were threatened because they encountered a big Black man.

In this country with the way these systems are designed a pig pulling the trigger in this situation would be again Justifiable.

He would be let of the hook. The white supremacist owned media would drill this term into the heads of the masses in an attempt that they would forget and move on with their lives. All the while “Politrickcians” play games and deceive the public that they are doing everything to change the racist policing systems in this country.

Amerikkka loves to ignore the mess that they have made in their own country with their own citizens and save face as if they are the saviors of the world today, while ignoring the continued plight that they have put the Black citizens of this country under.

More recently we have our brother Amir Locke that was gunned down in the early hours of the morning as the police executed a no-knock search warrant and shot him as he was sleeping. All of the facts including video footage of the incident tells a different story, a story that suggest that the police in this country are hunting down and killing Black people in this country because they have a system that supports it and allows them to get away with it with paid leave.

The attorney generals of Hennepin County said that there was not enough evidence for them to charge them as criminals in this case. Therefore, allowing this yet another murder of a Black person to be deemed as Justifiable Homicide by the laws of the land.

Prosecutors Justified Cops Killing Amir Locke Because He Grabbed a Legal Gun (vice.com)

The list of Black people that are murdered by the police and are ruled as Justifiable is one that is never-ending, and even more daunting because this country continues to use the same tactics and masses of people continue to believe and accept that it will one day change. Breonna Taylor was also another one of our family that was murdered in the comfort of her own home and even when they fired back in defense because of the no-knock warrant that was being served a Kentucky Grand Jury decided that the murder was Justified.

KY AG: Grand Jury Agrees Two Officers ‘Justified In Return Of Deadly Fire’ In Breonna Taylor Case — YouTube

This is a never-ending trend one that allows the white supremacist to get away with the murders of Black people on a consistent basis. This is something that cannot be forgiven or forgotten. We cannot turn a blind eye to the obvious distractions they use to deceive us from the goal at hand, and that is destroying white supremacy in all its forms.



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Gabriel Prosser

Gabriel Prosser


I am here to keep the foot 🦶🏿on the neck of the oppressors when it comes to issues that are relevant to the Black Community.