Gabriel Prosser
6 min readJan 29, 2023

In the recent years the Media has intentionally been more concerned with covering the murders of Black people by pigs, and other white supremacist in this country, than being concerned with updating the Black communities with how the cases are going or being investigated.

Even though this seems odd to those of the Black community because we are the ones that are dealing daily with the murders of our kind by those that are sworn to protect and serve. The rest of society are continuing to make excuses for the repeated murders of unarmed Black people all over this country for something as minor as a traffic offense.

Society and the racist views of the brainwashed masses are quick to say in a weak attempt to excuse the pigs of their wrong doing is how those that are the victims should have just obeyed the pigs commands. As if this would have made things all better. Excuse will continue to be made until the reader or the viewer of these crimes are killed themselves to the same excessive force and brutality that is handed down to the Black citizens in this country by the pigs in all areas of this country on a daily basis.

The weak and tired attempts to pacify the public with their stern promises to the Black community about how appalling and terrible these crimes are and how they are intent on making change, is only falling on death ears. The Black community has heard these same tired rehearsed scripts as they make false promises to the Black community in exchange for a vote that will put them in a position of power, and all too often once the Black demographic has won that seat of power for those pink faced individuals they all soon forget them and do nothing for them and never show up in those coffee shops in their neighborhoods again.

The constant chants and pleas to the Black public for them to remain peaceful when the system, the government, and legal systems of this country are doing everything but be peaceful with them is insane to say the least.

Not only are we constantly reminded of the murders of our family by the pigs but the media shows no remorse for our loved ones last moments or the victims families by parading and gaining views and ratings for their own financial gain. The media never follows up with a report on updating the communities that are most affected by these crimes to be fully transparent, nor do they spend any resources on assigning a reporter dedicated to investigating a case with such importance.

Not only is the media intent on upholding white supremacist ideas and agendas , but they are also desensitizing society towards the deaths and murders of Black people by the pigs by repeatedly showing no remorse for these crimes. Nothing that is being done by those that are in positions of power that are trying to do anything that is stopping the constant murders that are being dealt out from the pigs towards the Black citizens in this country.

We have heard and seen again and again there same rehearsed script of these police chiefs as they put on a show for the media and act as if they are surprised by the accounts that are happening in their departments. Time and time again these pigs make the same so-called mistake of using excessive force when it comes to the murder of another Black citizen in this country. If this is not an epidemic, then I don’t know what is.

One of the key points that I want to make clear is that no other races in this country are constantly being murdered in the street by the racist gestapo fascist pigs but Black people, and yet we have all these races that never have to experience these pains giving us their supposed expert opinions on how to cope. These so-called expert of opinion about such occurrences can only come from those that live amongst these terrible conditions of oppression, not some back wood hill Billie that has a Harvard degree that has never stepped foot inside of an urban Black city in this country. This is the only way that this can be achieved through achieving a true perspective from those that are looking through the lens of pig violence on an everyday basis.

The statistics are there for anyone who cares to see the truth of the matter, and it paints a sinister picture of a much bigger plan of keeping the Black citizens in this country as the lower caste race in all spheres of life.

With the recent influx of immigrants that are allowed to come into this country with the eager assistance from the government of this country, is an intentional move to further the plan of stagnating the Black citizens in this country. Instead of making atonement for a crime that has obviously had a tremendous effect on that group of people in this country the government and the systems in this country continue to turn a blind eye to these matters and focus their attention elsewhere. Like Kamala Harris visiting Monterey Park shooting scene, yet her or the president of this country did nothing to honor those 10 Black people that were murdered by a white supremacist which goes to show you the lengths that this government will take to uphold and maintain a stranglehold on the Black citizens in this country.

As long as Black citizens are continuing to blindly believe in a system to be their savior we will continue to go through this and eventually worse. It is now time for us to pick up those blueprints that were left by our great ancestors and start to follow those once again so that we may attain true freedom and liberation , and independence for ourselves as a people in this country.

Long gone are the days of any of our Black prominent people in this country that influences their people are talking about us becoming independent from the oppressive power in this country. Instead, they are used as pawns to uphold white supremacist agendas and maintain divisiveness among their own kind.

This is a prime example of what I mean, this is a Black person who influences many of his kind and he uses his platform to say shit like this when they just released the bodycam footage Tyre Nichols (which I did not watch) of another one of our brothers that were just murdered and killed by another fascist gestapo pig in this country.

Instead of using his platform to attack the system for being so quick to hand down charges and arrest these men and why it hasn’t been the same way when it’s white officers that are killing Black Men. As we see he is used to instill divisiveness instead of attacking those that are attacking us.

Instead of using his platform to attack the media for spreading false narratives and convicting and making it seem as if these pigs had a reason to kill us, they do the total opposite. This is fear at its best, this is fearmongering and the attempt to keep the Black people here separated and confused as to what the agenda is for us as a whole.

In a nutshell instead of @KingJames and other influential Black entertainers using their platforms to unify the Black citizens in this country in a unison move in attacking the system that is attacking them at every level and in every sphere in life, instead they are doing exactly what they are supposed to do in order to maintain the materialistic trinkets that obeying white supremacist, and Jewish controlled agendas and commands allows them to have.

Nothing will change in the murders from the pigs in this country or the legal systems in this country as long as we are following those that are steadily preaching and begging us to be peaceful with a people and system that is intent on being un-peaceful, and violent with us.



Gabriel Prosser

I am here to keep the foot 🦶🏿on the neck of the oppressors when it comes to issues that are relevant to the Black Community.