Now Will They Continue to Fool You into Believing That Black Live’s Really Matter in This Country?

Gabriel Prosser
4 min readApr 23

As the Blood Boils in my veins at the thought of another Pig getting off for the murder of a Black Life that means nothing to this country, yet the politrickcians will continue to spout that Black Lives Matter while nothing is done except that more and more Black Lives are lost. The store and other properties will also have signs in their establishments the say Black Lives Matter so that when the next Black Life is gunned down by those that are sworn to protect and serve their properties are not burned to the ground by the Angry Blacks That are in the neighborhoods.

The Blatant audacity of a system that will allow a person who has taken a life without any real reason is appalling to say the least.

Yet for the Black citizens those of us that were born here in this country this is some hard truth that We need, and we the Black citizens of this country need to accept it and realize that they will never change who they truly are and want to be towards us.

The sooner that we do that the better.

Why would we continue to trust a system that would allow a person that has failed at their job tremendously to be free when they have murdered a person for no other reason than the hate that have for a person just because of the color of their skin.

At the end of the day no matter how many games that these poltrikcians and government officials play with the people about how they feel about Black People their true feelings about us always comes out and they have no problems showing us who and what they prefer and that is white privilege especially when it comes to the police in this country.

There is a numbing effect when it comes to the murders of the Black people in this country, and I say that because we are constantly hearing the same excuses over and over again such as with this case, i.e. Kim Potter was making a scene as if she was trying out for a part in a movie when she cried and pleaded of how she didn’t know that she was pulling her gun and that she thought she was pulling for her taser.

Now am I the only Black person in this country, that can remember a few instances where other pigs have murdered other Black people and have gotten off and have used the same tired ass excuse that they thought that they were grabbing for their tasers?

The excuses of these police and their overweight donut eating police chiefs are like broken records to the Black communities. We have heard it all before.

There is never anything of a substantial nature that is done to halt or stop the violence that is constantly coming towards the Black Race from those that are in power. All we ever hear are the excuses from those that never walk a day in or shoes or these so-called experts that have no life experiences are to tell the Black people how they are supposed to cope with the pain of their loved the ones being murdered by the ones that are sworn to protect and serve but they are in the Black communities more to terrorize the Black communities.

There has never been a plan to stop the police violence that is coming towards the black communities at all, only pale face impostors who make false promises to deceive the Black people out of a vote that will benefit them in no way.

The time has cone for a new approach for the Black people in this country to achieve the justice, and freedom that we seek so dearly. We can no longer continue to blindly trust a system that is intent on our very destruction.

We need Men and Women representing the Black Cause that are not afraid to love on their feet instead of living on their knees and begging the white man and the government to finally accept them as their equals.

We have too many Black people that are in the mainstream and publics eye that are keeping most of the Black people in this country in a submissive state. They are steadily teaching their people to be patient, and nonviolent with a people and system that is neither of those with them.

The question is why are they afraid to stand up to an obvious enemy that sees your people as less than human, and they always will?

This is a question that must be asked and one to be pondered on. We have a generation of youth coming up and they are watching the way that are doing the same protest that has not worked and they are tired of that scene.

We have some youth that are willing to pick up the torch that was dropped by our ancestors and to reignite it and carry on the fight that was started to achieve true independence as a people.

The Black Nationalist mentality has died and has now been replaced with a leech like mentality because it is as if we cannot imagine the idea of us The Black Citizens in this country ever becoming free and totally independent from these systems.

With the potential release Kim Piggy Potter who has murdered Daunte Wright and has used the same tired excuse that she thought she was using her taser, can be allowed to come home and not even served two years and you want to continue that Black Lives still Matter in this country.


Gabriel Prosser

I am here to keep the foot 🦶🏿on the neck of the oppressors when it comes to issues that are relevant to the Black Community.