Reparations in this lifetime not the next.

The Amerikkkan Government owes the Black race in this country a tremendous debt that can no longer be denied or ignored. A white supremacist government that continues to live with the facts of treating Black people in this country as chattel slavery is a heavy sin to ignore, but then tries to cope and save face by acting as saviors, and helpers in other nations, countries yet still have not come to terms with the mess that they have made in the land of Amerikkka.

This or any government that will not acknowledge the wrongs they have done cannot be trusted as it is obvious that this country does not have the best interest of the Blacks in Amerikkka. There can be no more denying of this situation, and it is time to call it for what it is, and that is this government’s refusal to pay Reparations to the Black Citizens of this country, even though this same government that beats around the bush when it comes to paying what they owe to the Blacks in Amerikkka this same government has and continues to pay other races their due. The question is where is ours?

There are no more excuses that will be heard from this government when it comes to the issue of Reparations to the Black Race in this country. Nor can there be any more forgiveness from the Black people in this country towards the government when they are clearly not trying to rectify the ills and wrongs, they have done to our ancestors in this country. These facts such as this government making atonement to other races and not the Black Race specifically is an obvious sign of racism and exclusion to a specific people being The Black People in this country.

Accountability from the government for the wrongs that they have done to the Black Race and their ancestors in this country has to be achieved and seen. The audacity and arrogance of other races that are against the Reparations movements for the Black people here is mind boggling to say the least. How can another race that has not went through half of what the Black Race has been through after they have gotten their due and then deny that same right to those that deserve it more?

This country has done an excellent job at making emotionless, and careless citizens especially towards the Black race, Evidence is the nerve that the Asians, Jews, and American Indians go against something that themselves have received and then join other groups at attacking what everyone knows is owed is very Hypocritical. This just continues to prove that this government along with the white supremacist systems in this country never intended to keep the promise of equality for the Black people that are the descendants of slaves in this country. They only want to deceive us with their rehearsed scripts and old passe quotes from outdated leaders, as they lie and swindle Blacks to continue to vote for a system of oppression that has every plan of keeping us the lower caste race. Isabel Wilkerson in her book Caste: The Origins Of our Discontent she explains how the U.S economy and capitalist of this country depends on the Caste system.

“The upper caste is the white majority (equated to the Indian Brahmin upper caste), the lower caste is the Black minority (equated to Indian Dalits), and the middle caste is comprised of undifferentiated “Hispanics” and Asians, striving to make it into the upper caste.”

“America has an unseen skeleton, a caste system that is central to its operation,” “Caste is the infrastructure of our divisions and the subconscious code of instructions for maintaining, in our case, a four-hundred-year-old social order.”

No other race can say that they have went through the extreme tortures and continued abuses that the Black people in this country are still suffering through today. Black people in this country those that are the descendants of slaves have families that are still suffering from the effects of these abuses and with strength and determination we are still standing even though we have not received our debt that is long overdue. With over 200 years of slavery before that was So-called abolished, we had to deal with the fugitive slave act of 1850 that was enacted by congress that allowed white people to capture slaves that escaped to put them back into slavery. Fugitive Slave Act of 1850

Even with all of this the white supremacist government was not done, with the recent emancipation of the slaves in 1863 that angered many southern whites they made sure to keep the system of white supremacy in place by passing Jim Crow Laws also known as Black Code Laws in 1865 which happens to be the same year-old Abe was murdered. Jim Crow Laws were enacted in 1865 and Black people in this country suffered under those laws for another 100 years until the Civil-rights Act of 1964.

Which seems null and void considering all of the racism, segregation as in housing, employment etc. Plus, the continued lynchings, and murders of Black people in this country in the year 2022.

With all of this the government continues to act as if this issue is too irrelevant to get the attention that it deserves. H.R 40 commission to study and develop Reparations proposals for African American act is an attempt to once again deceive and pacify the Black People in this country with false hope. H.R 40 Bill This government never had to study to make atonement in the form of Reparations to the Jews, Japanese, and Amerikkkan Indians. So, for a race that has been through literally hell in this country and is still going through it in numerous ways there should be no need to study on an issue that is so clear and plain as to what needs to be done which is Reparations as well to the Black People in this country.

“A man that tosses worms in the river isn’t necessarily a friend to the fish. All the fish who take him as a friend, who think the worms got no hooks in it usually end up in the frying pan. All those things dangled before us by the white man, posing as a friend and benefactor have turned out to be nothing but bait to make us think we are making progress”

Malcolm X



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Gabriel Prosser

I am here to keep the foot 🦶🏿on the neck of the oppressors when it comes to issues that are relevant to the Black Community.