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2 min readOct 25, 2023
Racist Post card with poem.

‘Have you seen the Florida Gator? He is the champion negro hater, although he finds many things to eat, his favorite morsel is negro meat.”

Reparations: The act of atonement for a wrong or injury, often in the form of financial compensation.

The word Reparations has been circulating on different social media platforms, as well as discussions about racial inequality, and social injustice Blacks have faced in the past, and in recent years.

Now is the time for the government of this country to show and prove by implementing Reparations for the Black community in Amerikkka.

The His-story of Amerikkka is rife with centuries of racism, oppression and discrimination towards Black people specifically. From slavery to Jim crow laws and mass incarceration the government has intentionally denied Black people their rights while purposefully stagnated their economic growth and opportunities.

Other races such as the Jewish, Japanese, and Amerikkkan Indian communities that have been wronged by this government have recieved Reparations.

The signing of the Civil Liberties act by Regan provides Reparation payments to the Japanese for internment camps and also an apology from the government.

Amerikkka Indians as well received financial compensation for land that was taken from them.

And yet, the government of this country drags it ass when it comes to paying Reparations to my people, Black people even though my ancestors made this country wealthy because of forced free labor.

Those critics against Black citizens in this country getting Reparations say that it would be too difficult to decide who should receive payments and how much. However, this was not a deterring factor when it was time to pay other races their due in monetary sums, there was no confusion of who should get what or how much. Yet when it comes to my people, Black people receiving Reparations it’s a controversial issue.

Not only should the government be responsible for paying Reparations but those businesses that profited off of slave labor in any way should contribute funds to the Reparations fund so that it would be a step in the right direction in economic equality.

Reparations for us Black people in this country is not just about financial compensation, it's about seeking atonement and justice for past wrongs done that has been ignored and forgotten about as if the history is unimportant and our ancestors are nonentities.

It's about making the government pay by admitting the continued economic disadvantages, police brutality and other forms of racial discrimination against Black people.

The government of this country paying Reparations to Black people is just a matter of fairness and a true step to show the world they could be an example of equality and justice for all.



Gabriel Prosser

I am here to keep the foot 🦶🏿on the neck of the oppressors when it comes to issues that are relevant to the Black Community.