Gabriel Prosser
4 min readAug 31, 2022

I am speaking as a Black Man that was once young and naïve to say the least. I was aloof to the ways and what it meant and took to be a Man. Then again how could I just as many other young black boys are raised by single Black women, most of the time we have no steady male figures in the household.

For me, those male figures that I looked up to be the ones that looked successful, and, in the projects, those were the drug dealers. I can remember seeing them with nice clothes and shoes, jewelry and they would always be with a woman that was looking good too. They looked to be the epitome of success in a young black child’s eyes that has no other options available for him, other than those that you may see on the Tel-lie-vision, but these were as real as it got. Like I could be that someday too, it seemed more realistic than being in the NBA or the NFL.

Hanging out with the other little black children in the neighborhood in these types of environments you grow up fast because of what you see and hear. I can remember being brought up in a time where our culture was our culture. It wasn’t so infiltrated as it is now on every level. Especially the entertainment level our culture has been hijacked by pale face imposters.

Those that hijack our culture and exploit us for their own benefit with the agenda to destroy and degrade us at all costs. The entertainment industry is rife with examples of this such as the “new age Hottentot Venuses “as I call them. The music videos portray half naked women as a sign of being independent which leads to sexual irresponsibility which is predominantly affecting the Black communities.

This culture is parading and blasted as music in front of our youths and encouraging a promiscuous sexual behavior. Which leads to more unfathered children and more young Black single mothers for the system to take care of them and their soon to be children, or child.

This is something that needs to be changed, a shift needs to happen in our lives and our culture as the Black citizens of this country, or else how ca n we really expect a change. Allowing a people to control our culture through their businesses cannot be allowed anymore.

There must be a halt to the way that our culture is being controlled and ran into the ground. We the Black citizens of this country will not allow this to happen any further. They are destroying our children as we speak by the ignorance that is forced on them and the families as entertainment.

There has been an active agenda in this country since its start to oppress the Black citizens in this country. And the promotion of this hypersexualized ignorance as a culture to the Black citizens is just another form oppression.

By having a people degrade themselves publicly you have already gained control over their minds, because they see this as not degrading themselves, therefore creating a society that sees degrading behavior as normal. Examples of such Hypersexual behavior that has now been normalized in our society is the twerking epidemic.

Again, this mainly affects the Black community, and even worse our young Black girls are seeing this as something that is cute or as a trait that is worthy of accomplishment. This needs to be addressed. The entertainment industries and those Black faces that they use to promote a culture of hate and degradation are never going to go against the grain because of the obvious financial benefits of them continuing to do as they do which is make content that will never go against the true enemy, which is and always will be white supremacy.

This country, government, society allows this type of behavior when it comes to the Black people in this country. The music and movies can say Kill a nigga, slap a nigga, or fuck a hoe, fuck a bitch. No other race makes music or entertainment where they are downing themselves and their women in the form of entertainment.

We are the only race that allows this, and to go even further back to the culture vultures we allow to come into our music and movies not of the same race and use terms such as nigga and they are allowed because of a Black fool or fools that has allowed this cracker to believe that they are cool or accepted enough to say it.

We have allowed this country to brainwash us with the farce of integration and have believed in it so long that we have forgotten about who we truly are as a people.

They have hijacked our culture and europeanized it so much and only allows what they see fit as the Black culture that should be exemplified and promoted. Any Black Revolutionary movements that are going against this system of white supremacy and what they are doing to the Black citizens in this country, they are labeled as extreme and violent idealist mad men that are not to be taken seriously.

This system will allow what they want to promote and pass off as Black culture and entertainment because it is dumbing us down, by promoting a culture that is doing everything, and anything except go against the system of white supremacy, and that’s just the way they want it. By promoting a Hypersexualized culture not only are they exposing the youth to a foolish mentality, but they are spending their time involved in this perpetrated idea of Black culture and entertainment and not getting to know the enemy at hand.

We should have more young Black people in this country that are Revolutionaries and less twerkers and drug dealers because this only helps the white supremacist plans at destroying us all.



Gabriel Prosser

I am here to keep the foot 🦶🏿on the neck of the oppressors when it comes to issues that are relevant to the Black Community.