Since the death of George Floyd, and the BLM movements, it seems Black Life really doesn’t matter at all. 🤔

Gabriel Prosser
3 min readSep 8, 2023
Clear statement to white supremacy.

As the world watched in shock as the life of another Black person was murdered in cold blood as if this was not a human being at all.

Even the humanity of people trying to help out a dying man was criminalized by the police as they watched another officer murder a man over a suspected counterfeit twenty-dollar bill.

I ask myself this question, if a Black life didn’t matter then, what would make me believe the chant of “Black Lives Matter” Now?

The answer is obvious Black life in the country of Amerikkka never mattered unless it was for the sexual perversion of white people, or their financial benefit.

Not much has changed in their feelings towards the Black citizens of this country, and the murder of George Floyd proves this, as well as the increased murders of Black people by police since his death.

This will continue to get ignored in the major media, they will continue to paint the picture that these pigs are doing their job, and the Black people are in the wrong.

Even though facts prove that even when Black people are cooperating with the law, they are still murdered in higher numbers than other races when compared.

According to

229 Black people have been murdered by the police in the year following George Floyd’s death.

So, in no way has the policing tactics in this country changed or have they gotten better for the Black citizens. The facts show clearly that they have increased and shows no signs of slowing down.

The politrickcians will continue to rally for more funding for the police, yet nothing for the Black communities that they continue to destroy.

As Ralph Ellison calls them, “The Destroyers”, because they destroy Black people’s lives forever; taking mothers and fathers from children and vice versa.

The nightmare for the Black community never ends, we wake up every day not knowing if it will be our last.

No other race in this country has to live and wake every day to this pressure. Yet we have white so-called experts that have never been to our side of tracks or met with the people that they are experts in that field.

The reality is this government, and its systems are complicit in the murder, and genocide of Black people in this country. Just as they have before, nothing has changed but the time and their methods of their oppression.

We and our children are the only race of people on earth that are taught to forgive our enemies, as well as taught to forget our history, our culture and be content with adoption of European’s versions of our culture and History.

We have been brainwashed comfortably to accept and forget what this country has done to us and continues to do.

The sooner more of us wake up to what’s happening and get into a RevolutionaryMinded™️ mentality that our ancestors had unanimously against a system that was against them, nothing will change.

As long as we continue to vote for a system that doesn’t value Black life over property, we can expect the same and worse.



Gabriel Prosser

I am here to keep the foot 🦶🏿on the neck of the oppressors when it comes to issues that are relevant to the Black Community.