States and local Police departments lackadaisical approach in solving Black Murders.

Gabriel Prosser
4 min readMay 22, 2023

I can remember as a young Black boy growing up and hearing gunshots often, as a matter of fact I can remember one day me and my brother were outside playing just as a lot of children that day, and out of nowhere a car drove down the street and starting shooting. Immediately me and my brother darted to our house which was locked, and then ran across the street to a neighbor's house.

The reason that I am bringing that up is because I know for a fact that not one police officer if we can even call them that showed up to investigate or inquire about anyone's safety.

Not one officer knocked on my mother's door to ensure the safety of her or of the individuals in that community.

As I grew older and became a man and dabbled in the streets myself, I came to find out that the police didn’t come to Black Neighborhoods just for reports of gunfire, in fact they didn’t care.

The only time the police would come into Black neighborhoods was when those reported gunshots went un-investigated, and someone was murdered. Then the whole neighborhood would be flooded with those damn, lights and sirens, keeping and waking everyone up.

By that time it's usually too late. For most of the Black Families of those that have been killed the police don't really seem that interested in solving or trying to really get to the bottom of the case.

There have been reports of officers interrogating the deceased families as if they are in the wrong, even being aggressive towards them instead of the officers doing their job in solving the case.

Also, the police departments don’t give the same resources that they afford the white communities as they do the Black ones.

Just in recent months there have been suspicious deaths of Black people, and their families still have no answers as to what has happenend or who has done it.

There seems to be an alarming trend of officers not thoroughly investigating the murders of Black people. I know people personally that still have not heard anything or the officers have not retained anyone for the crime that was committed.

When it comes to the states and local law enforcement agencies in this country, they continue to drop the ball when it comes to doing anything that will stop or punish those that threaten or take a Black Life in this country.

It would not be farfetched for one to assume that Black Lives Never Mattered in this country.

How could it be? When not long ago we had Rasheem Carter may he rest in power, He was being chased by a truckload of white men and called his mother to let her know, as well as the police, and was soon after found murdered.

Rasheem Carter

The details of this case are gruesome and for the police to say that this man was attacked by a wild animal proves my theory that states, local law enforcement agencies and states have a lackadaisical approach when it comes to solving any crime committed against a Black person.

The only time the state and local police are gung-ho is when they are abusing their power on unarmed Black People for no other reason than us being Black.

A concerned Officer would have at least looked for all of the facts before they would rule two Black Men named Malcolm Harsch, and Robert Fuller that were Found hung to death in Southern California committed suicide, even though the family of these men both said that they were not suicidal.

Robert Fuller
Malcolm Harsch

This would be another example of the states and the local police departments half-ass job when it comes to using all of their resources to solve a crime that was committed against a Black person just as they would expend all resources for a white person if a crime was committed against them.

The question that needs to be asked is, if these crimes were committed against white people would the police and states be so quick to close the case, or to rule them a suicide?

I think we all know the answer to this question.



Gabriel Prosser

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