Gabriel Prosser
3 min readSep 3
True History of Amerikkka they want you to forgive and forget about.

When it comes to history one can hide it and mislead one to believe something that isn't true, especially to the one who does or can’t read.

When: Black people were forcibly brought to these lands by no fault of their own, we were treated the worse of all ethnicities. I must stress this point, because this is something that has to be realized if and when there will ever be a true understanding of the pain and hurt that the Black people in this country are feeling on a daily basis.

History has shown and proven to us that this country did not want the slave to read or write, because they knew that knowledge was power. They still know this today and the sad thing is that most of our people refuse to still read to save their lives, most of us are caught up in being entertained by the degeneracy that is being played on the screens and the radios.

The white supremacist government and their systems have advanced to some degrees and have fined tuned their cogs in the machine of racism to the point that they no longer have to force Black people to not read we are trained to do everything but that.

Where: In every city across this country, we the Black communities have degeneracy forced down our throats and this is being adopted as trending while destroying the revolutionary spirit that we have in us.

No Black leaders are in any way standing up to the oppression that we are receiving every day, if anything they are steadily teaching us the “Turn the other Cheek” mentality which has done nothing for the Black communities except keep us in a submissive, and forgiving state.

This is a backwards thinking, and a sort of mental sickness that is destroying the Black communities from inside out.

No other races have this type of thinking forced on them and their children in an attempt to brainwash them to forget their history of who they were.

The Why: Simply put, Amerikkka has become what and who she is because of the free labor that they received off the backs of our ancestors that built this country with their blood, sweat, and tears. Yet still to this day the government and their hired cronies will lie to the Black communities about obvious racial problems within the system, also police violence, while ignoring the fact of never paying Reparations to a people that deserve it the most.

While ignoring this fact your government will tell you to work hard so that you will achieve the Amerikkkan dream, while other races that were wronged by the government has received their due in cash payments, which has allowed them and their families to prosper to some better social status in this country,

They all will be against Reparations for the Black people in this country when they know that they have received theirs in full.

The sooner that we the Black citizens in this country unify and become organized to the plight that we are in, the better this country and its white supremacist systems have and are allowing the incentivized genocide of Black people men, women, and children in the name of Law and Justice.

This is something that isn't new to this government or its systems, again this is something that this country has perfected the deceiving tactics to keep Black people in this country as the lower caste race while allowing every race to come to this country to live the Amerikkkan dream by exploiting Black people in their own neighborhoods.

Black people have no Leaders that are attacking the very systems that are killing us, and this is why this is and will continue. Until we those Blacks that are Fed up with living a menial existence as permanent second-class citizens and unify to come up with other methods and organizations to implement action, nothing will change.

Gabriel Prosser

I am here to keep the foot 🦶🏿on the neck of the oppressors when it comes to issues that are relevant to the Black Community.