They are trying to change History to “Whatheysay”

Gabriel Prosser
5 min readJul 15, 2022
Malcolm X

It is now time for the Black people in this country to wake up! We are witnessing and living in the last days. This country of Amerikkka is intent on ignoring our issues and making atonement in Reparations to the descendants of Slaves in this country. While they are steadily trying to appear to the world as the number one country against Human right violations.

This is a farce. Not only has Amerikkka not made right for the continued wrongs that the villain this government, and the biased systems that are designed to halt any progress of the Black citizens in this country. Now this system is doing everything in their power to erase the sins of their forefathers from the past. First, they never want to own up and except the tragic history of how their ancestors have stolen everything to achieve what is now today Amerikkka. No, the white supremacist systems of this country have grown weary of teaching this truth to the students especially those that are Black. Why would they continue to teach intelligent Black children the truth of who they are so that they would grow up and overpower and take over this system?

They wouldn’t, they would then conspire other deceptive ways to continue to make it look as if they are that race that are so apologetic for what their ancestors did and that we are all equal now. This is precisely what is happening in our country right before our very eyes. They are trying to change History to “Whatheysay”.

The mentions and legislature by politicians to implement CRT into the education systems is just the beginning of examples. With the emergence of CRT (Critical Race Theory) this is proof of the deception of this white supremacist system and the lengths that it will go to confuse the masses. CRT is the belief that white people have a supreme ruling right over the Black people in this country that they see as the oppressed. Because of this inherent racism of this country to the Black race CRT provides the belief system that the oppressed are too lazy to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. To understand further you can read about CRT here. The Danger of CRT

Furthermore, Texan Republicans has proposed to start calling Slavery “Involuntary Relocation”. Which is just another attempt to deceive the masses and downplay the horrific, and tragic history of slavery. If this is allowed this will not only destroy the history of our ancestors but it will ignore the great and many accomplishments that they achieved. This should have us all on alert as parents, and even if you are not a parent this should ruffle your feathers. How can we allow this country to just erase the horrors that they have done to our ancestors that were slaves and now have them call slavery by another name that sounds more appealing to the white supremacist systems in this country? This just further proves my point that Black people in this country were never meant to be equal citizens in this country. They only want to make it seem as such. The Texas Education Agency or TEA for short is doing everything that they can to make what their ancestors did sound less damaging to the students that they teach all in an effort to save face for themselves as the white race. They are tired of teaching the truth about who they really are and now are trying to erase the facts of history. involuntary Relocation

Again, they are trying to change History to “Whatheysay” and we the people cannot allow this, because if we do what will they change next to fit their comfortability? Will they start to call Rape “Involuntary Intercourse” or can we rob a bank and get away with it by saying that this bank has ‘Involuntary Relinquished the cash”. These are the questions that we need to ask ourselves because as we can see we are living in a society ripe with deception and deceptive tactics to uphold the white supremacist systems in this country. There has to be some type of normalcy in the society that we are living in. If we leave it up to this government who is the leader of white supremacy, we will never see it.

Not only are they trying to downplay the horrific tragedies of slavery. They are also erasing the idea of a Male and Female. With all of the hoopla and ignorance of the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ this country is deceptively changing the word Mother to a “Person with the ability to get Pregnant” or Birthing Persons for those that don’t identify as women. Professor Khiara Bridges went back and forth with Sen. Josh Hawley and how important it was to use terms that are inclusive of all people because if not this would cause violence and attempted suicide by those of the Transgender communities. This is just more proof of why I say they are trying to change History to “Whatheysay”. It is very important for the citizens of this country to recognize the deception that we and our families are living under. We are now living in a society where anything goes there are no limits except those that are put on the Black Race by this same system that allows all of this foolishness to go on right in front of our eyes. In an attempt to make it seem as if this is a normal part of life. Prof. Khiara Bridges

The children and the families are the last thing on this governments mind. We have become a nation that is living off of desires other than what is best for our future which is our children. The amount of money and time that is being put into this whole gay movement shit is ridiculous and could’ve been spent better like on the Black descendants of chattel slavery that built this country. This should be the top priority of this country since it has never made right or atonement for these wrongs. Yet as we can see they are trying to change History to “Whatheysay” and we particularly the Black race that are the descendants of slaves in this country need to be paying attention at all times because we and our great history is under attack of being erased and replaced with “Whatheysay”



Gabriel Prosser

I am here to keep the foot 🦶🏿on the neck of the oppressors when it comes to issues that are relevant to the Black Community.