Thoughts of Gabriel Prosser a Revolutionary Black Man.

Gabriel Prosser
3 min readSep 22, 2022
Blueprints for true Revolution

Black People! My People! Wake up! We are in a serious situation that will never get any better as long as we have those of us that continue to trust this system of white supremacy to so-call be the Saviour's of our demise.

There must be a collected and unified effort of Revolutionary Minded individuals that will not shudder at the task that is ahead of us as the Black Americans in this country. As Frantz Fanons book entitled Black Skin White Mask suggest that we have a lot of these in our midst, that's in Co-op with the white supremacists' systems in this country as long as they get those few materialistic trinkets of white acceptance in this country, they will continue to deceive their own kind to vote and believe in a system that will and never had any intentions of treating us as their equals.

The farce of integration has numbed and lulled most of us to sleep. The fact that integration was forced and not wanted by the majority of whites in this country speaks volumes.

white people against integration

It is as if we are just accepting this type of lifestyle as the norm. We have no prominent Black people in this country that are constantly attacking a system that's murdering us every day in the streets. Time and time again we are murdered by those pigs that are intent on upholding white supremacy in all forms.

The KKK no longer wears white robes with hoods now they are donning executive suits and police uniforms. With this being said it should be much more obvious who our enemies are.

With the influx of illegal immigrants in this country and the intentional dismissal of Reparations for the Black Americans in this country, it is clear that this system or any of those pink lying smiling faces that run for office and befool those of us for a vote never had any true intentions of making Atonement in Reparations for the Black Americans in this country.

They will use every sell out Black person to continue to distract us the Black people in this country from the focusing on the goal, which is defeating white supremacy in all its forms and making sure that we are paid our due for the horrors that our ancestors and we are still going through in this country.

This country's political show is more entertaining than Barnum and Bailey, a circus at its best full of freakshows and anything to distract the Revolutionary Minded individuals from conquering and defeating the white supremacist systems in this country. Amerikkka is intent on keeping us as the lower caste in the country. As they allow everyone in the country to be a part of the American Dream while those of our ancestors that they stole and brutalized receive watered down history while their descendants are still suffering and living the American Nightmare.



Gabriel Prosser

I am here to keep the foot 🦶🏿on the neck of the oppressors when it comes to issues that are relevant to the Black Community.