Truly Understanding the system of White supremacy so we can defeat it.

Are we as the Black Race really understanding the systems of white supremacy? Sometimes I think that we don’t truly realize the seriousness of the system of white supremacy and its depths and hold on us as the Black Race. This system is operating 24 hours a day 365 days a year to continue to uphold and guarantee the survival of the white race as a Whole.

If you for some reason don’t believe me then just think about the recent white supremacist coward that murdered 10 of our Black family in Buffalo. He himself said that what he did was to protect and preserve the white race as he thought of the Black Race as the Replacers. This system has taught us the Black Race that we are the minority when in reality we are the majority. The fact that once a Black Man get with a white woman and if they have a child the child will be Black Barack Obama is proof to this as his mother was white and his father was Black.

The entertainment industries are all part of the white supremacist structures, and they are doing their jobs diligently as they continue to promote the most foolish customs for the Black community to adopt and emulate. This industry is intent on emasculating Black Men the whole entertainment industry is a part of this, because if they can achieve this, they can rest assured on their genetic survival.

This system of white supremacy can’t stand for the Black Man to be just that a Black Man they have to corrupt him and his family to some extent so that are no longer a threat to them and their existence as a Race. The Caucasian Race is the minority race on the earth and they and their scientist know it. Thats why the white mothers are telling their children that they had with Black parents that they are mixed instead of telling the child that they are Black. This is because they don't want to admit that they hate Black people and that we are genetically superior to them. The fact that we produce melanin in our skin is proof of our superiority over them and if you don’t think so then why every summer the tanning industries make millions off of them trying to become dark like us.

If we don't really understand this system and the depths that it is going to destroy the Black Race, we will never get out of this plight that we are in. We have to become aware of the efforts that are being used to continually deceive us and have us remain docile and accepting of the tortures and abuses that they lay down on the Black Race. We are distracted from the goal of destroying white supremacy and now can’t distinguish whether we are living in it or care to do anything about it.

Therefore, it is pertinent for us to understand this system so that we can defeat it. We need to have Revolutionary Think-tank's so that we can devise and implement actions to attack the system. We should not be continued to be forced to just exist within a system that is designed for us to fail in every way. We need to realize this system for what it is and be ready to defend ourselves against it at all costs. This system will never get anyone into the office that will make a bill that is magically going to fix the issues of the Blacks in this country. The Black Race or those of the Black Race that will continue to put faith in a system that never have or will have the intentions to have that same faith in you is nothing less than foolish.

There is a confusion among the Black Race that we are not living in a system of white supremacy, and some of us refuse to admit that this country is racist. With this being said we have to link up with those that are secure in their thoughts and beliefs that this system will never work for the betterment or the upliftment of the Black Race. It is up to us the Black Race to defeat this system of white supremacy in all its forms we cannot rely on this system to defeat itself.



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Gabriel Prosser

Gabriel Prosser


I am here to keep the foot 🦶🏿on the neck of the oppressors when it comes to issues that are relevant to the Black Community.