U.S. Government’s refusal to make atonement in Reparations only proves they never wanted Black People to be equal citizens.

Gabriel Prosser
5 min readJul 2, 2022

During the Internment of the Japanese Under the tenure Of Franklin.D. Roosevelt there was a lot going on, the Executive Order 9066 was just put into place and causing all kinds of confusion. The treatment of the Japanese and the letters that were sent is something that needs to be discussed as it leads to the tremendous facts that I will use to prove the case that the government of this country will continue to deceive the Black race when it comes to paying Reparations to the Black Race. Under the executive order 9066 the Japanese were in internment camps in California, and Texas just to name a few. There are letters that the Japanese wrote to the soldiers detailing conditions such as what they were eating. I go into the details in my Podcast on Spotify you can check that out here GabrielProsser Podcast

Japanese did receive Reparations for this wrong

In the Podcast I also go into details about how the government of this country also paid the Native Americans, and Jews even though the Holocaust did not happen on American soil. These facts are important because this country has become stagnant when it comes to paying dues to the Black Race that has been tortured in this country.

The government of this country never had to form a study panel for them to disperse funds to these races that they have wronged in some way or another.

The question is why’s the government of this country continue to have sand in their asses when it comes to making atonement for the wrongs that they have done to the Black People in this country, when in fact in most cases the Blacks In this country are still being treated like it is still the 1950’s and our issues are pushed to the back burner and swept under the rug as irrelevant.

There is an obvious distraction that is going on to try and keep the Black race from focusing fully on the government and them paying what they owe to the Black People in this country because once they do that, it will be like they are admitting their guilt to the whole world, and how would that look to have a smear on supposedly the greatest country in the world where all come to achieve their version of the Amerikkkan dream when in reality their or those immigrants dreams become reality off of Black Exploitation.

The white supremacist systems of red lining prove this, Stats on Black home ownership Gentrification when wealthy white people buy poor areas and increase prices to where in most cases the Black people that have been living there for generations now can’t afford to keep their homes or stay in their neighborhoods. Yet even with all of this, the government of this country continues to somehow dodge the bullet when it comes to paying what they owe to the Black Race as a whole and that is Reparations. There can be no forgiveness from the Black race to the government, and there can be no more forgetting and turning the other cheek.

Just as the U.S Government has made amends with the other races that they have wronged because those races would not let this government get away without it and we the Black race have that same right if not even more. This country and their systems have built companies and biased laws that in most cases became rich at the expense of the Black race and these same systems that I mentioned are still in those same positions of wealth as companies, systems such as Law, Education, etc. and their individual livelihood’s.

The Black Race at least those of us that are paying attention we can see that this is a blatant sign of proof that what our ancestors have died for and what they were telling us was true which is this country with their white supremacist systems and racist ideologies never had or has any intentions of the Black race in particular to be equal with any race in this country. Especially the white race, and the government of this country with their continual refusal and ignoring of the serious planning and commitment of Paying Reparations proves this to the point where there is no argument, except from those of the white race that are insecure, and bourgeoisie negroes as they will continue to defend the systems of white supremacy and the nightmare of equality. But the refusal of having the U.S government pay the Black Race their due when every human knows the tragedies that our ancestors went through, the fact is no other race has ever been through the atrocities and tortures that our ancestors have, and yet other ethnicities have been paid.

George Stinney Jr a Black Child sentenced to death by electric chair /Game played in Brownstown, Indiana July 1948
The Lynching and burning of Jesse Washington as they watch with entertainment/ Lynching of Laura Nelson and her son L.D. Nelson because she tried to stop a gang of white cowards from raping her son.

The white race never went against the government paying reparations to the Japanese. The white race never complained when the government paid reparations to the Amerikkkan Indian, and neither did they go on an uproar or kill or hang people in the street when the government paid reparations the Jewish for the Holocaust that didn’t even happen here on Amerikkkan soil.

The way that I laid this out can only prove a few theories and one is that the white race is insecure of themselves, and this is the reason they refuse to give us our due it is their worst nightmare to have the Black Race on the same economic level as they for fear that we would take over. The Black race is naturally physically superior to the white race just because of the fact that we can produce Melanin in our skin, and if given Reparations a debt that is owed by the government of this country the Black Race would have nothing to hold them back. This is the fear of this govt and other white people in this country in general. The fact that this country can do it but has not owned up to the atrocities that they have done to the Black people here in this country proves without a doubt they never had or has plans for us to be equal with them.



Gabriel Prosser

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