White Amerikkka’s Infatuation with Black People & Black Culture and their exploitation of them.

Gabriel Prosser
3 min readAug 1, 2023
Whitewashing and Hijacking of Black History.

Herodotus Of Halicarnassus who is known as the father of History and also the reason that we all had a subject called History in school.

In his renowned Book entitled “The Histories” he goes on about the beauty of the Abyssinians now known as Ethiopia which is in the continent of Africa and he noticed how cultured and advanced they were to the living conditions of the barbaric ways of the European Vikings.

Furthermore, he talked about the beauty of the Women and how enormous the Men were compared to the pale, pasty, and uncivilized Europeans.

Also, he noted that they had a system of running water which they would use to bathe and cleanse themselves and irrigate their crops.

The facts are in our faces it is just that we are not paying attention to the things that we should be paying attention to. We are constantly distracted with the foolishness that is forced on us as entertainment.

The facts are that this country has been obsessed with Black people because of secret admiration of them.

They will avoid and ignore the truth about this fact.

While they will adopt and steal our true culture right before our eyes, and then replace it…



Gabriel Prosser

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