White Supremacy Under The Guise Of Conservative & Progressive

With everything that has and is currently going on in this country it should become obvious of the blatant signs of White Supremacy. Also within the past couple of years there has been a tremendous increase in Hate Crimes directed towards the Black Race, as well an increase of unarmed killings of Black People by the pigs.

This is no coincidence by any means. We have seen and witnessed over and over again the two sides of justice that their are in the legal and policing systems in this country.

With the tremendous push and action driven towards getting the Black Vote every year not one thing of a substantial nature has been done for the Black Race by those that they voted in the Office. Let alone the issue of Reparations is constantly conviently ignored while other ethnicities issues and demands come before the Black Race. Our problems are pushed to the Back Burner, We are shoved to the side while they attempt to fool the world by being giving and accepting of anyone in the world except the Blacks that are in this country.

White supremacy is under a Guise called Conservative and Progressive, and i urge Black people My people to wake up and pay attention. The definition of Conservative is having an averse feeling towards change and wanting to hold on to Traditional values, and the For Progressive it is to encourage certain types of reform in society and to support social progress.

Now what we have to understand is the Political Philosophy of a Conservative and an Progressive. To do that we should start with least and no ones favorite Donald Trump and his Conservative Political Philosophy of MAGA or known as Make Amerikkka Great Again and we can all recall them running and taking over the capitol in an attempt to uphold halt change as the new elections were about to begin and they were trying to hold on to traditional values of then leader Trump, Hence Conservatism. Just another Fancy smancy word for White Supremacy but i wont be fooled.

The Progressive Politicians of this country and their ideas have done nothing but ignore The Black Race and put other Ethnicities issues before us and on Camera so they can win more votes from the Blacks while they continue to ignore all issues and problems that we are dealing with on an everyday basis.

For Example JimCrowJoe is a Known Progressive Politician and now The POTUS. He and his Vice President has only pushed social change for those of the Asian communities and The Gay Communities, Not one issue of Social change directed towards the Black Race we are skipped all over and fed shit with a silver spoon.

So I say to my Black people to stay awake and pay attention to the times and what is happening in front of our eyes. We have literally witnessed white men Kill Black Men on Camera and they try them in court and do not want the people to believe what they are seeing with their own eyes. White Supremacy is under a guise and we must be aware at all times and be ready to defend ourselves By Any Means Necessary. We cannot Rely on an oppressive system of pigs to protect us and our Families when they are the ones that are Murdering us in the streets.

The Conservative and Progressive Poltical Ideologies in this country has done nothing but allow White Supremacy to rule unchecked in every sphere of life, in example such as Education, Housing, Healthcare, Financial Institutions, Agriculture and the list goes on.

To the People of this country Particularly The Black People we need to pay more attention to what is happening in this country and to become more bold at our approach at Unity as we continue to fight the one common enemy… White Supremacy.



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Gabriel Prosser

Gabriel Prosser

I am here to keep the foot 🦶🏿on the neck of the oppressors when it comes to issues that are relevant to the Black Community.