Why isn’t the media praising Montgomery Alabama like they did Daniel Penny?.

Gabriel Prosser
2 min readAug 22, 2023
Daniel Penny murdering Jordan Neely.

Daniel Penny Murdered a Black Man in front an entire subway of people, and the media has hailed him as a hero.

The facts are that Jordan Neely the Man that was murdered in cold blood showed no threat to anyone who was on that subway.

It’s just another case of a white supremacist taking the life of another Black Man for no reason other than the color of their skin.

The media has helped this white man gain attention and money as his GoFundMe has raised over two million for his legal defense.

Money raised for a known white supremacists.

Ask yourself this question.

What type of society are we living in where the guilty are rewarded for the crimes committed against Black people?

I’ll tell you, It’s Amerikkka and because of a racist system that is complicit in the murders of black people in this country while remaining ignorant to the fact that they are encouraging racism towards Black people.

This is what’s being masked and sold as democracy, and what is supported and believed to be patriotism. Yes!! This what Amerikkka stands for. This is what Amerikkka sees as patriotism.

Now in comparison with what happened in Black August on what is known as “Bloody Saturday” which is a clear and cut case of who was in the wrong, yet the media and other critics are angry that Black people united against their one common enemy, and the world witnessed it.

"Bloody Saturday" August,5,2023

This shows clearly the two sides of justice that’s in this country.

Amerikkka sees Daniel Penny as a patriot, while Black people fighting back against white supremacy is enraging them, and this is viewed through the racist lens of Amerikkka as Lawless behavior when Black people are acting in this way, whether they are right or wrong doesn’t make a difference.

The facts should be clear.

Black people united fighting back against white supremacy is Amerikkkas worst Nightmare. While white people who murder black people are viewed as the Amerikkkan dream.



Gabriel Prosser

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